Bro-Strology: Mug
Bro-Strology: Mug
Bro-Strology: Mug
Bro-Strology: Mug
Bro-Strology: Mug
Bro-Strology: Mug

Bro-Strology: Mug

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Hell yeah.
The Yanks are up 2-1 on the 'Stros.
Oh shit, guess who's back lurking on my profile page.  I know you see that picture with my arm around a lawyer chick.

The Yanks are down 5-3 in the 8th.
WTF! Who just tagged you at a cheese ball concert with some dude, who had previously posted some cheese ball shit on your timeline which you ❤.
Yeah, I have been slaying since we broke up, but I don't post that shit.  Now I wish I had, especially when I was with Jeff's roommate; she was photogenic as fuck.

Andujar draws a walk to lead off the bottom of the 9th.
Fire up the group text and get the boys' perspective.
No, Debo, I will not date her sister.
Thanks, Willy.  I really wanted to be reminded of the post Lizbeth years.
Good question, M-dogg.  I would like to be actual friends, but if she doesn't respond to text/email, what's the point of seeing her shit.

Thanks, Willy.  I agree that she is not even close to as cool as I am, and I can and will do better.
You are blocked, chica.

Fuck yeah.
Gardener ties the game with a two run dinger.
Sure Debo, you can date her sister.

Torres hits a walkoff single in the 10th.
The Yankees win.
A new message on Tinder.

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