Carpetbagger Clothing aspires to end stigma- on a micro and macro level. For too long, people have been alienated either within their heads or because part of their identity is treated as lesser.  Our clothes and accessories seek to change that, by celebrating empathy, healthy practices and humor.  The modern condition is rough, and if a t-shirt or tote bag can make a day better for you, your friends or family, or even a stranger, Carpetbagger Clothing feels that is success.
Furthermore, there are dedicated groups working to further causes that Carpetbagger Clothing believes in. Percentages of our sales from select products will go to support theses organizations. Currently, our therapy shirts and accessories are raising money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and Headstrong, which provides mental health support for our veterans.             
In recognition that this moment in time falls within a larger context of social, political and cultural history, we decided to take our name from a misunderstood term, that has long been weaponized to trigger anger and create divisiveness.  Carpetbaggers are the other, ill-intentioned profiteers, unwelcome interlopers aimed to disrupt and disturb how things have always been and should be.  We are not about the status quo, rather we recognize that everyone deserves respect and to feel dignity.  For further reading on the term, Carpetbagger Clothing suggests this 1988 article from the New York Times, Professor Eric Foner's response to that article, and Professor James W. Loewen's article for the Zinn Education Project.       


Please feel free to reach out to us at info@carpetbaggerclothing.com